Broward County Minority Builders Coalition Inc. (BCMBC) is a growing and influential construction trade organization in Broward County, Florida. BCMBC members are general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, corporations, service providers and more. We work with certified diverse firms to develop capacity, strengthen their workforce and build communities in every sense.  BCMBC is a 501 (c) 3 , established in 1971 with a history of community service and leadership, advocacy and business development.

Membership benefits are many and levels meet the needs of individuals, Fortune 500 companies and all business types and levels between. Our robust membership program is supported by professional leadership and personnel in our Membership Center.   Members receive receive direct access to bids and projects, technical assistance, networking opportunities with key decision makers, continuing education and training.

Infant and emerging contractor firms and related professionals are supported by our knowledgeable and experienced Business Development Team. Participating firms are able to increase their technical skills, competitive positions and overall wealth through advocacy, continued education, collaborative resourcing, training and support services.


BCMBC encourage homeowners to join NOW!  Meet reputable contractors, learn do-it-yourself techniques, receive invitations to events for FREE, when you join BCMBC. Join our on-line community and chat with other homeowners and industry professionals to increase the value of your property and increase the return on your investments. We aim to help homeowners save money through energy conservation, weatherization and low-cost upgrades to your home.

Green Job

Green Jobs are growing rapidly. In October 2008, Global Insight published green job projections in a report developed for The United States Conference of Mayors and the Mayors Climate Protection Center. This report, “Current and Potential Green Jobs in the U.S. Economy,” predicts the highest growth of green jobs will be in renewable power generation, residential and commercial retrofitting, and renewable transportation fuels. This report includes projections not only ‘direct’ green jobs (such as hands-on manufacturing and retrofitting jobs), but ‘indirect’ green jobs, which they identify as engineering, legal, research, and consulting positions.
2006 data for the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach areas show employment in green jobs at 6,717 and are projected for 53,145 by 2038.