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Overview of housing programs

Broward County Minority Builders Coalition, Inc. (MBC) is a 501c (3) nonprofit corporation that was founded in 1971. Our primary objective is to provide safe, clean, decent, affordable and sustainable housing for low-to-moderate income families through rehabilitation of existing housing, affordable first-time homebuyer programs, counseling and partnering with community stakeholders. Additionally, we aim to deliver quality, energy-efficient rehabilitation work that conforms to the organization’s Strategic Quality Principles.

For the past 46 years, MBC has been a valuable community asset helping to improve the living conditions of low-income families and in addressing the affordable housing needs of low income families, veterans, seniors and special needs populations. We partner with public, private and other non-profit organizations to provide services that prevent homelessness and provide affordable housing options.

MBC Administers Housing Programs for various municipalities and other entities. Most Housing Programs provide Low-to-Moderate Income families with assistance in home repairs and/or first-time homebuyer Purchase Assistance. In most cases, Homeowners will need to contact their Municipality/City to inquire about the Housing Programs that are available for residents of that Municipality/City. Otherwise, Homeowners may contact our office for additional information.